About Lance Insurance

We are an Independent Insurance Agency... And why it matters to you.

When an insurance agent represents one company, there vision and expertise is siloed to that one solution.
As an independent insurance agency we research multiple carriers to find consumers the best combination of price, coverage and service. Insurance is an important safety net for your family, your home, your car, your farm/ranch or your business.

★ Allstate   Germania   Progressive   State Auto   SafeCo   Travelers ★

We are connected to the communities we serve

Seth Sowder & David McGehee are leaders in their communities, you can turn to them for insurance guidance. They give a new meaning to local leaders.

The team at Lance Insurance includes specilized staff members who play critical roles in the ongoing support of you and your insurance policies as you have questions or make changes.

An eye on the future

We are growing and want you to grow with us. The productivity of Texas and the South Plains is limitless. We don't really have customers - We have business partners. Please join us and grow with us.

Real Insurance solutions for real challenges.

Real world. Our diverse background and years of insurance solutions form a strong backbone that enables us to help you quicky, efficiently and with options. We go the extra mile so that you can stay focused and rest easy that your risk and your future are adquately planned.

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Sudan: Call Seth, 806 227-2466
Littlefield: Call David, 806 385-1687

Locations - two offices conveniently in Lamb County

Sudan Office

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Serving the South Plains since 1972

We have experience and expertise.

We're proud to feature several fine insurance companies